Our Expertise

Auditing – Accounting and financial audit

MGI Qualex also proposes you an accounting and financial audit service and may be also involved in auditor missions.

Chartered accountancy and companies’ advice

Our chartered accountants provide you their expertises for all missions in chartered accountancy and/or companies’advice. They ensure not only the establishment, the control, the stop and the accounting recovery of your company but are also privileged advisors for companies’managers regarding management, tax system, organization …

Financial and administrative management

MGI Qualex is also involved in financial and administrative management of your company such as:

  • Define and set up the procedures of financial and administrative management and necessary indicators for activity follow-up and for the top management reporting.
  • Develop the projected budget of the structure, present it to top management and make the adjustments
  • Follow the evolution of the structure’s financial results and establish its financial plan
  • Oversee, check the finance management, and make recommendations on the financial resources allocation top management
  • Oversee and coordinate the management control and interns audit (financial risks assessment, tax choices’ validation)

Accounting management for third premises and for foreign companies

Our firm offers you a recognized know-how. It ensure a reliable and quick service in the management of all your accounting. We provide you all our expertises.

  • Bookkeeping
    • Indexation and accounting seizure
    • Current accounting operations recording and inventories
    • Financial statements design
  • Accounting organization
  • Accounting review : checking and validation of companies accounts
    • A periodic follow-up by cycle (missing records, accounts justifications request, Vat control, welfare costs control, amortization table, reserves table, …)
    • Accounting full review of accounts in the respect of existing standards
  • Tax returns
  • Periodic reporting production

Besides, MGI Qualex is also involved in offshore outsourcing.

Our strengths

The recognition of our management system by the ISO 9001: 2015 certification and the quality of our services make us a reference firm in Madagascar. With an accurate methodology, a professional management oriented towards customer satisfaction and quality, MGI Qualex is your trusted partner in Madagascar for the efficient management of your accounting.

  • A structure entirely dedicated to outsourced accounting: by profession, MGI Qualex guarantees the quality of its work. It has mastered new technologies and has a service culture.
  • Sharing a common policy between our team and the client, thus enabling the former to be heavily involved in running your business
  • Strict deadlines
  • Software and methods dedicated to accounts outsourcing
  • A team familiar with proper accountancy and regularly trained in new accounting standards. To meet the needs of our international clients, our teams are also trained in French accountancy and led by a Manager who graduated in Accountancy in France.
  • Responsiveness to requests and flexibility in our deals
  • Proximity: MGI Qualex is headquartered in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Via its partnership with FTHM Consulting, it is also represented in Paris, Port-Louis, Moroni, Tamatave and Abidjan.


+261 20 22 631 86

Lot II M 98 L Antsakaviro, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar